Centrifugal Fan Features:

Motor – Totally-enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motors are standard for all Brock GUARDIAN® Series centrifugal fans.

Centrifugal Wheel – Dynamically-balanced, seam-welded steel centrifugal wheel features modern air foil blade design to help maximize air performance.

Air Inlet Orifice – GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal Fans use an innovative design to promote better air flow into the centrifugal wheel to enhance fan performance.

Diverter & Baffle – Diverter and baffle helps to redirect air spilling from the centrifugal wheel to encourage smooth, efficient fan operation.

Fan Housing – All Brock GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal Fans have a reinforced, 12-gauge, galvanized steel housing for durability and long fan life.

Axial Fan Features:

Motor – Totally-enclosed, air over (TEAO) motors are standard for all Brock GUARDIAN® Series axial fans.

Air Vanes – Air vanes are a standard feature on all 18-inch (457-mm) diameter and larger fans. The vanes aid efficient air flow at higher static pressures by reducing air turbulence.

Motor Mount – Two-piece bolt-together motor mount/fan support provides a solid connection for mounting the fan and aids fan stability during operation.

Blades – Dynamically-balanced cast aluminum blade has modern air foil design for efficient air handling.

Venturi – Fan’s venturi opening uses innovative curvature design for efficient air performance.

With over 45 years of manufacturing experience Chief provides grain aeration systems to fit your specific needs.  Caldwell fans are designed to provide high performance, dependable service and quality acceptance throughout the world. Safe, reliable and attractive.

Caldwell Axial Fans

Caldwell axial fans are designed for high performance, low static pressure aeration systems with shallow grain depths.  Caldwell axial fans range in diameters from 12″ – 28″ to fit most applications.

Caldwell Centrifugal Fans

Caldwell centrifugal fans are designed for high performance aeration systems with medium static pressures and deeper grain depths.  Designed for farm or commercial use, centrifugal fans operate quietly and allow for easy field upgrades with heaters.